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Wheel Flow Transmitter with Optopcouple Sensor Series 'WFT'

The 'SRA' make wheel Flow Transmitter is an accurate and reliable flowmeter for liquids at reasonable low cost, a square housing with transparent windows at front and back contains a wheel whose rotary motion caused by the flowing medium is sensed by infrared sensors /hall senor to give pulses proportional to flow rate. These pulses are converted to give standard electrical p/p by circuitry mounted in the housing.

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Flow Switch (Series 'SLP')

'SRA' Make SLP Flow Switch works on a principal of spring loaded piston movement. The fluid flows through the calibrated orifice which is part of the piston. The fluid is forced through this orifice and a balance is created between actual flow through and the counter force of spring loaded piston. A magnet attached to the piston actuates a reed switch mounted in the external housing. This housing can be adjusted freely to set the switching acrion at desired flowrate. As the piston can not go beyond the range of reed switch. It ensures bistable characteristics of flow switch.

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Disc Flow Switch

(Series 'DFS')

'SRA' make Disc Flow Switch on target disc principle. A circular disc is placed at the centre which deflects at the desired flowrate. A shaft is connected to the disc which holds the magnet. The deflection of magnet due to deflection of disc operates a micro switch placed inside the box. This is a very simple and reliable flow switch, useful in most no flow applications.

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Paddle Flow Switch

(Series 'PFS')

The paddle which is mounted in a bearing is pushed by flowing media against a spring which actuates a microswitch that is coupleted by a repelling magnet.

The 'SRA' make Paddle flow switches are adaptable between 25 to 80 NB pipe sizes. The special union nut guarantees easy mounting of paddle in 90° to the flowing media.

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Sight Flow Indicators

Flapper Type - Flapper type sight flow indicators are recommended for horizontal and vertical pipeline with upward flow. These units are best suited transparent or slightly opaque solutions and are used for gases also. Position of the flapper indicates flow.

Drip Type - Drip Type Sight flow Indicators are best adapted to vertical downward flow. These models are particularly useful in distillation and similar apparatus whereflow is apt to be intermittent.

Rotary Type - Rotary type sight flow Indicators are with rotating wheel are suitable for installation in any position. This model is equally adapted to transparent solutions and gasses.

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